Playa Diamante With Sparkling Fresh River Water.

Playa Diamante is an estuary, shaped where an underground river brings freshwater into the ocean sparkling up through the clayish sand. The outcome is a shallow, endangered area with virtually no currents, making it the picture-perfect beach for families with children.The protected inlet points to the southeast, so there are no waves.

A outstanding beach, Playa Diamante is broad and shallow for up to 200 feet into the ocean. A slender, paved road off of the highway makes for easy access. Alas, a attractive, park-like grassy area with shade trees as well as the beach, is often beleaguered.On weekends locals come and drive their vehicles across the sand; mind your children. Merchants then rent beach chairs, sell beer and some food. Amenities: food and drink; water sports. Best for: solitude; swimming; walking.

Playa Diamante near Cabrera Dominican Republic offers a moderately slanting, calm beach that is perfect for young children. Cabrera is considered one of the most gorgeous places in the Dominican Republic. Located fronting the Atlantic, Cabrera has one of the most stunning beaches, rivers, exotic vegetation and many natural attractions. A National Park reserve is located in El Breton, a small section of Cabrera called Cabo Frances Viejo.

Travelers comments:

“This is a truly nice beach with white soft sand but I would not advise you go during a busy weekend or a special event like “fiestas patronales” (patron saint celebrations) because it’s just crazy. If you go during a week day then you’ll love it!”

“Naturally beautiful, totally unspoilt cove. Very safe beach with soft white sand where you can walk out into the water for a long way and only be up to your waist in water.”

“A very beautiful beach and excellent for small kids. You can walk for miles into the water. Locals come here to fish with their boats. Really a nice beach to take pictures off.”

The most attractive beach in the area is Playa Grande (Big Beach), cited by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Other local beaches include Playa Precioso, El Diamante (Diamond Beach), Playa La Entrada, El Caleton de Dario, El Caleton del Medio, and El Caleton Chiquito.

Cabrera offers its visitors a wide variety beaches all within easy reach of the town and this is one of the major attractions of this part of the Dominican Republic. Here you can find beaches with large expanses of sand with palm trees almost to the water’s edge or small secluded coves nestling between the towering cliffs. There are beaches for surfing, beaches for snorkeling and beaches where the water is calm and shallow and exceptionally safe for small children. For the most part all the beaches here are not commercialized and where there are restaurants or gift shops they are located discretely away from the beach itself so as not to spoil the views or desecrate the landscape.

“At Diamond Beach (playa diamante) in Cabrera, Dominican Republic, you can walk out into the water 200ft before it even gets above your knees. A natural hot spring runs beneath the cove and warms the sand under your feet. Pull up a chair underneath an almond tree and just gaze into the crystal clear blue water. This is a great beach for kids as the water is not very deep and the sand is perfect. You can also go snorkeling if you wade out far enough. It’s very secluded and peaceful. Awesome spot to spend the day”

Playa Diamante, Cabrera

“A newly asphalted road from Sosua towards Rio San Juan led us to Playa el Diamante. It was a wonderful sunny day and we were anticipating a nice picnic. About 15 minute drive after Rio San Juan, past Cabrera, there is a sharp right curve, where we slowed down by a big sign Pescaderia on the left and a pointer to Playa el Diamante. We continued down the small street to the ocean, which opened a beautiful scenery we were not expecting so soon”

“It is a spectacular view: the lagoon in the form of a circle with fine white sand and turquoise water, blending smoothly into the blue of the deep ocean. Two low rock formations with wind shaped trees frame around Playa el Diamante, the precious diamond of Dominican Republic. In addition to the wondrous landscape of this lagoon, there are unique small freshwater streams struggling out from the sand at the edge of the sea water, covering the surface which resembles a giant mirror. Playa el Diamante is the most shallow beach you have ever seen. First, you walk on a thin layer of fresh water, massaging your foot palms, 20 meters later, the water reaches your ankles, 40 meters further up to the knee. If you want to swim, it would take you some time and around 70 meters of walking deep into the lagoon. This is the best place for families with children and couples who like privacy”

“Playa el Diamante is completely deserted on weekdays, but we came on the election day, and this is a big holiday in Dominican Republic, which lasts for two days. These funny Dominicans were already here in the shadow of a huge tree near a closed restaurant, dancing around two cars with deafening Latin melodies coming out of wheezing speakers. In this atmosphere of a party ran splashing in the shallows with our fifteen month old daughter. Half an hour later, the loud Dominicans finally left and the diamond beach was just ours”

“The beach fascinates you and not only by its splendid beauty, but also what seemed to be against all laws of physics, the cold spring water is on top, and a warm sea water near the bottom. This happens because the fresh cold water is lighter than the salty ocean. It feels incredibly nice and very relaxing by every cell of the body. The sand beneath is caressing your feet with the smallest white sand, so pleasant. one step and your foot hits the cool little stream, another step and you feel the warm, thick ocean waters. Its a great natural SPA, where the tiny geysers on the bank gush out from under the sand, turning into a mere trickle of spring water, flowing into the ocean”

“The day comes to the end and its time to leave. It is impossible not to look back at this fascinating landscape: a striking harmony of colors – bright green around the lagoon, rolling from azure to deep-blue in the center and white on the shore. Almost an imperceptible horizon and only fluffy cumulus clouds can distinguish the sky from water. In front to the right, there is Cape Verde, cutting into the ocean, where someone built the deck and decorative mast of a ship waiving good bye to us, inviting to come back again”

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